How to use toilet trainer

How to use toilet trainer

How to use toilet trainer

Before the start of training, Parents should be prepared vocabulary. In the rest of the body. To use the toilet Including feces and urine in the child will be meaningful to us. And not a word that sounds rough. Or ugly The children must use these words with friends or teachers, etc. Otherwise, these words may make the child feel ashamed.

In the case of “accidents” do not mess up the body to make it “engaged” in the bathroom. Was common And natural Anyone can do it Some children may be excited I play feces, Or just their urine excreted. With his curiosity. We can say Children Without making children feel guilty By only tell him that. This is not a toy.

Sometimes a child may understand. Feces out that part of his body. And fear When there was a flush. And lumpy stools then disappeared down the pipe. Parents should give children the opportunity to try to clean it. The paper describes a simple and understandable to children. Children are afraid to quit And the peace of mind.

How to use toilet trainer

Choosing chamber Or containers used to sit on the toilet for the children is the key. It will make cooperation easier. The children had the opportunity to see my parents. (Depending on whether they are boys or girls) In the “engaged” in some bathrooms. It makes the kids understand In these activities can be improved. If more children Or it will be a good example to the children, it’s even easier.

Teaching self-cleaning. After the “engaged” is also important. Mainly in girls Should be cleaned From the first (urine) to the back (anus) and children should wash their hands thoroughly. Upon completion of this mission.

Parents should teach children to recognize the warning signs in a child’s body. To make a bowel movement And help children tell us When there is a feeling that the to go to the bathroom to “engaged” but in the beginning. Children often do not tell us And often made a mess already. Parents should not scold the child. But be patient And said that next time to say. Before slop, You can help children By observing the demeanor of a child. There will be the pain, urinary If you see or do not defecate or so. Should persuade children Go potty sitting on the toilet. Has already prepared And allow the child if a primary comfortably, not screwing up your kids doing it.

How to use toilet trainer

In general, children are better able to control defecation. Before you begin to excrete urine control. Over the next several months later And mainly in boys Often sit urine Before you start to realize that it was urine. Exclusive men only And I understand that Each child has their own. That is unique to the individual. Even in twins

Parents should know that the development of each child is different. Most children can control Defecation, And it will not mess up urine In the daytime, in the age of 3-4 years, and it may take several months or a year. Not wetting at night over a period of about five years or more tissues. It may be different for each person. And depending on the food as well. If you eat a well-balanced diet with fiber and will make it easier to excrete. Some may take all day While some people may be a few days time. Do not use the garden Or intravaginal use laxatives, or excessive self. Without consulting doctors

In summary, parents should understand and practice will gradually calm the child in the body. By making the right age And the availability of child Do not force children to stress or fear, which may have an impact on later mental happiness and success. In practice, children in this regard. Happily everyone.

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Wash bottles, however, The cleanest.

Wash bottles, however, The cleanest.


Wash bottles, however, The cleanest.

The bottle is clear that every mother would be cleaned already, but to know that you’re clean enough for the baby yet. Cleaning bottles, not just wash it regularly. Like the dishwasher But clearing, the bottles must be sure to wash clean. Sterile several steps together, not just rinse and only need to choose a safe and gentle detergent bottle for the baby and no residue. If you are washing the milk is not clean enough. Dirt residue to clog up the bottle and took a pathogen, resulting in the baby. Those germs and get sick baby sick quickly enough. We see that it is better not to wash the bottle with the baby safe.

Disinfectant Cleaner

The process of cleaning and disinfection of the bottle, it is a step that you will need the most attention. Should not be ignored in this process. Since the start of the procedure, wash bottles. And removing parts Wash out piece by piece And to rinse it thoroughly first. When finished, clean And the next step is to wash with detergent bottles, detergent bottles each time. All the same, you have to see whether or not clean enough, too. Wash finished and that no milk stains remain and the nipple was viewed as a stain stick or not. Responsible if unsure, try squeezing water through a nipple. To ensure that And it comes to sterilize bottles. When it comes to cleaning it must be said that several steps must be washed together. Do not take just one step, and then disinfect the finished size is not easy. But you also have to choose one of the methods was to clean the bottles convenient to protect the eyes and the most dominant start of sterilization by boiling. This procedure used since the previous version. The older generation often brings a bottle of milk to boil. The first step is to put the pieces of the bottle. Whether or teats. Put into a pot to put all the pieces. And with the addition of water to a full boil for half an hour, but that was about 20 minutes but easy. When cooked until a specified time, then gently picked up the pieces of the bottle dry place to dry before use. This is how the first beta was used because it saves money as well. No need to invest much more Clean alike But now with new technology To use and more convenient. We see that there is a way to sterilize baby bottles in it.

Sterilization by autoclave electricity

If you are thinking of buying or investing in children is worth the hassle and financial matters much. I had to put that Any use Steamers Because of that, the Steamers longer. Whether you are planning to have children, how many people will use it for the child later? If you do use that long to maintain cleanliness and neat. We see that the autoclave electricity is used, however, is that you just put the pieces of bottles were put in the autoclave heat. And the need to add water as indicated and then plugged. I must say that the wait time is not the amount of water that fills it. Make each brand is different. Period of steam Bake bottle is different. All that you need to look for a particular use, however. How much water should be added You must identify itself as a brand that saw Steamers is intuitive and straightforward. You can also leave the sterilizer.

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Seven techniques should – should not eat hard to win the ball.

Seven techniques should – should not eat hard to win the ball.


Seven techniques should - should not eat hard to win the ball.


1. Body weight, height.

You must have a commitment to the health of children. The doctor To assess the nutritional status of children Ensure that healthy ?? I ?? Well, because sometimes there is any underlying disease causes children not to eat it is not.

Also, it should be noted growth chart. By weighing And height compared to the general age of the child. And type The amount of symptoms that children eat, including bread and milk at each meal. And each day

2. Make sure the baby is hungry when to eat.

Your father or mother to their children to eat at. The time to remove each meal. If the child refuses to eat within 30 minutes ?? unruly one-hour wait in the store the next day. I was hungry enough to eat it. Without persecution But you have to brace oneself to the thread.
However, children should not eat sweets. Or snacks between meals if you want to eat it, eat it. But even if they have to wait after eating before the top priority should be to make children exercise sufficiently. If children are deficient in vitamin D may provide food or a multivitamin formulated for anorexia. To stimulate appetite.

3. Food to eat
Many mothers often do not have that answer. The food looks like it’s true that you may know that children like to eat. But that taste like. Like hard or water Or what kind How easy it is for children to eat. If you do not know what you like or dislike.

However, the practice of eating. Prepare early, but I like to eat food that is palatable to decorate. I want to motivate yourself. The goal is The discipline in eating The children practiced regularly Then add other foods. The key to change the format. And a variety of dishes To give children an appetite for more.
4. Feel the victory by half.
You should eat a proper seating arrangement. No one objects to distract the child, such as a TV or toys should also be joined along the front. But talking about it While children enjoy the atmosphere and food. And the peace of mind That will make it interesting And want to eat them.

5. Encourage children to eat by themselves.

Parents should train their children to eat their food. With the dishes, cutlery, chairs specifically for children. To enjoy themselves. But there’s no need adult help. What then can be done to reduce and avoid making them again? But the admiration of the capacity increase. To be encouraged to do it by yourself anyway.

The children in this age Regulation should not be a condition too. Do not focus on cleanliness. And neatness It will make your child sick and tired of it, however, to start helping themselves, their children. Should your child be involved in the preparation of food from the age of 4 years old?

6. lap gradual.

Parents should lap times a little. The children are encouraged to eat out. The children should steer themselves. He will then fill The children are not used to eating leftovers. Or to be forced to eat until the plate.

7. Patience, consistency and serious peace.

The baby is fine to eat easier. Parents must have the discipline to eat right from the start. And follow it regularly with a neutral (Neutral Attitude), including positive control. And promote self-help vulnerable children seriously or not reinstated due to the poor ball that should not be shown to children knew. Parents worried Or fret about eating his food, so to prevent the use of non-negotiate. Became such emotional behavior following chronic.

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Training children to learn to purge itself.

 Training children to learn to purge itself.


  Training children to learn to purge itself.

Coaching children and strengthen the character models. Since small children Will benefit in the long term, such as the preparation of food for small children at a young age. This will reinforce the basic hygiene Good Habits in the lives of children, so the training and practice. You know the food at the right time. Therefore it is essential that parents should pay attention to it.

Natural digestive
The system senses Control, the digestive system of young children. Relying on the availability of the sphincter. And part of the brain that controls sensory system is activated. To monitor the excretion complete It noted that After finishing 5-10 minutes, or suckling on the colon, the rectum is full. To stimulate the digestive tract. Bowel movements Release stool out
Training the baby’s body. It must be done in a reasonable timeframe. Waiting for children to control the body. Parents can communicate with that. Excrete and need help themselves, such as removing and pants. It will contribute to training more efficiently achieved. The age range is most appropriate to the age of one and a half years it 2-3.

Technical Readiness
Choose the size of the chamber fit. When the child can sit and put your feet comfortably on the floor strength.
Prepare children into chamber Catch the ball seat room after breastfeeds breakfast 5-10 minutes from the age of 7-9 months, during which the child starts to sit up.
Watch the ball If you stand still Trembling slightly That shows that he acted bumps or pain should tell you that the pain crap has then taken to a toilet seat or commode.
Practice regularly to make children familiar. Learn to sit on the potty and potty stool.
If you’re not ready, do not rush or force. It will occur in children. And the disease becomes chronic constipation. Should wait for the ball at first, then gradually began training new optimal duration is 18-24 months, because in this period the child begins to feel the need to defecate on themselves.
When you do this and be successful. It will build pride and confidence in themselves as well. Compliments when children pass the time. Helps children behave better excretion.

More importantly, do not forget to pay attention and care. In Diet Training children to eat fruits and vegetables. Since food supplements, The food is the most important impact on the body of the baby.

The practice of preparing the body and the baby. The expression of your father and your mother, it is important. Affect the behavior of the body. It is not to be done

Symptoms offensive urine and feces Or expressing concern for the children. Do not hit or scolded. When smudged
Compare this with other kids Because each child has different bowel habits.


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Keeping healthy in winter 2017

Keeping healthy in winter 2017


To avoid this winter to have a blow to the nose red. Prostrated fever or staying at home. We came prepared to fit better health from head to toe as well. Will enjoy an incredibly cold winter away.

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1. Do not let your skin dry Dry cold weather often causes skin dryness. Or flaky This lotion is important. The cream contains a moisturizer high. Or a little oil This cream helps retention. And add moisture to the skin in the winter is excellent. But for the little ones Use baby oil lotion after a shower is best. It does not irritate skin, no fragrance, but do not apply to it. Otherwise, children may become less oil bath to first. Or parents will use them or not.

2. Pay attention to food, Of course; it’s a cold winter like this need with a warm heat, so should eat a hot meal. To maintain body temperature For those who like to eat their ice cream cold of ice or cold water is what it is, try not to deteriorate. If you have a cold or upset stomach. Because bladder and muscles are shrinking quickly enough.

Three clean sheets This is important to me This winter, we would like huddled on mattresses Ewe happy too. But this winter anyway, the beddings are always smelled so keep out dust mites, bed linen washing line combinations. Or the sun always In the winter, our skin is already dry. We may be allergic to dust mites from mattresses and cause itching, dermatitis, ulcers or problems here.

4. Beware of winter colds, flu, pneumonia, whether rubella, chicken pox, diarrhea, rashes, migraine pain, including abdominal cramps. If found to have suspicious symptoms such as fever, a constant temperature is not reduced. Diarrhea continues Or skin changes A doctor immediately It may look a little sense, but prevention is better than the cure for this devastating disease every day here.

5. Do not use the drug Moore if the patient is caught off guard. I will not stop sneezing, runny nose, allergies, colds, fever, rash, dry skin, cracked or severe pain or hemorrhage. Do not use the drug for their own quite well. Should see a doctor get medication because the drugs are not available to everyone, even like symptoms as well.

6. Provision whether sweaters, scarves, socks, long sleeve shirts or gloves. They must always be prepared. Especially at night If the weather is very cold, you should put a sock over it. It will get cold feet at most. And to keep the body temperature down quickly, causing discomfort.

7. Hot Pockets Drivers do not But there should be some good. The current hot water bag portable small If I feel cold, so it took a series of sustenance is not. Pour hot water bag hot water and then carry it to me. Hold a hot hand Tucked in or out; it helps to maintain body temperature was good.

8. Do not be a lack of exercise Winter was not opportunistic lazy to use it. Even in winter, it’s important to exercise to keep the body warm. And is always If we continue a comfortable blanket tucked it would end up like fat, muscle weakness will end. It will also make you feel tired easily. So exercise Showroom

9. Cleanliness of body This, remember to ask them that. How cool will it be a tie? The body we found a lot of dirt outside. May accumulate germs that lead to illness. But if the cold and can not recommend the hot water disinfectant used to clean the body. Then use a damp towel to wipe clean the body instead. But do not do it often because it is the best way to clean my shower.

This is not hard right. Do it all or just some of the choices made. Ask all families warm and healthy throughout the winter to me.

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How to choose Bib for Baby

How to choose Bib for Baby.


How to choose Bib for Baby

How to choose Bib for Baby.

Limitless sections of you might be dumbfounded in picking a napkin that kids ought to purchase now. What is it made in which well, if you look further, then Bib not just killed sustenance or water allow allegorically? Regardless, it in like way keeps bits of apparel from different exercises to do with youths. Apparently, when youngsters start to move with no other individual’s data. He would frequently walk or creep to get about it. A few occasions you have to permit him to touch me like hand contact with the dirt. This learning will empower them to know the trademark have a possess an aroma similar to the earth, the animals that live in the ground, trees, and so forth. They will be able to experience nature close. It could accomplish sullied soil dress, however for another experience of the infant. Considered outstanding right.

The most efficient method to ought to be a decent purchase Bib.

There are in like way getting a few answers concerning the outline. Which tints can be spotted shirt additionally? This creator may need to ask you more brainstormed here. Since these shades may understand hurt if ingested or youths sprinkling into eyes. Before the occasion, you ought to adjust with the shading that is utilized to do and how perilous. Ought not to do with a particular shading, joined with his anticipated care homes which bib right now bringing PVC plastic used. It is to a high degree painful for the mother since it was less asking for to clean than standard material napkins. Of course cover for pre-adult assurance, nourishment or water recoloring pieces of attire with. The cook’s bit of attire’s change was passed on by being wanted to suit a plate before the garbage that tumbles from the eating routine of children. The PVC plastic used to make sustenance shake parts in stock kids. Parts of Bib sort of a nutrition plate with delicate, simple to perfect, simple to store your bolster scraps that fall more with the food plate.

How to choose Bib for Baby.

Step by step instructions to ought to be a decent purchase Bib.

The covering salivation You ought to pick surfaces made of cotton. It must be wiped on the substance of the sauce they list down. Utilizing cotton cover gives a touch of disturbance. The cotton surface is not hard to spotless and dry. Lining salivation can, in addition, be used to wipe a drop of rain he drinks water, and after that, the water streams out of the mouth as well. How lining spot is direct. Only tie it up without unequivocally to his neck by a surface liner spit getting together at the waist. The cleaning You can utilize a liquid synthetic for cleaning it or creep fiber. Plainly, when youngsters start to move with no other individual.

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Buying pots and pans

Buying pots and pans.

Buying pots and pans


Buying pots and pans.

Pots and pans are expensive. Not that there is a magical quality to it. To buy a pot or pan used should focus on ease-of-use, and inexpensive.

For ease of use, and should consider the following.
1. metals and metal thickness is an indicator that the slow or fast heat durability. Easy cleaning Easy to hold such a major

Copper is the best hot metal faster, but also more expensive than the copper reacts with the acid. This will cause harm to consumers. If copper is used, it should be coated.

Aluminum conduct heat was better than copper thin again. Dents easily deform If the pan is too corrosive for frying. Recommended types of aluminum alloy. Magnesium is an excellent conductor of heat.

Austenitic stainless steel, nickel-chromium alloy container is easily cleaned. But a bad conductor of heat is slowly heated pan stainless pan bottom made of copper or aluminum will work better. But then the great pan stainless bottom pan is aluminum, which radiates heat.

Steel pot, heat the pan slowly as possible, even as iron, steel, aluminum, it does not let up.

Buying pots and pans.

Cast iron conducts heat slowly But the thick of it helps with the heat well. But the inconvenience of daily use because of heavy.

Metal toxins Such as Teflon-coated pots made in a metal pan and so on. Make cleaning easier Because cooking or frying is not the bottom of the pan. The coating material used to wash-off time, use a knife to scrape the teacher, such as fried or coated with Silverstone is better but more expensive than Teflon. It is easy to observe Coated with Silverstone, the Old Grey. Quality is not over yet durable Teflon. The bear, however, the lifetime is longer than the other container. Coatings have gradually eliminated

Metallic, ceramic coating (Enamel) makes it clear. But it breaks easily when scratched with the coated bruised.

2. Handle mobile wood is best. Tighten the nut on the shaft. The handle is a plastic pot and heat. For most movable handle or shaft is made of plastic with heat. Industrial products because the plastic would be more convenient. Screw and nut fasteners as well. And can be replaced when damaged fracture.

Buying pots and pans.

Handle steel screw nut next to a pot or pan is the first to look healthy secure. But to use a hot iron to straighten up the expansion makes the bolt or screw that extends emerges from the inner surface of the pot or pan. Make cleaning inconvenient The assembly noted that this purchase is necessary as well.

For shaft is rarely used. With automatic dishwasher Do not use plastic or metal handle mobile. It is usually more convenient and safe. Some pots and pans are washed with automated machines do not.

The fry pan with lid assembly is typically set to the set standards. But without a cap, we should have closed the door to buy it used. The safety of boiling oil spill Or to lock the lid to allow heat to cook thoroughly in the process of cooking. And another will result in the prevention of cleanliness in the kitchen.

3. Recommendations
1. Before you buy should put forward a view that conveniently handed or not. If you buy the whole set, it must be considered whether it is with many things.
2. Quality Durability
3. Washable Easy
4. Fast heat
5. If the metal seems good stainless steel bottom with aluminum to good use.
6. coated products, new eye-catching look. The reason is expensive
7. Made of aluminum alloy. Magnesium and use it well
8. If I buy any hard to try to buy only one or two pieces and bring to trial first. If it is desirable to put forward hard, then bought more.

Buying pots and pans.

Apron and lining saliva should be a good buy.

Apron and lining saliva should be a good buy.

Apron and lining saliva should be a good buy.


Apron and lining saliva should be a good buy.

Large portions of you might be befuddled in picking a napkin that kids ought to purchase now. What is it made in which well, if you look further, then Dickey’s not just counteracted sustenance or water allow as it were? Be that as it may, it likewise keeps garments from different exercises to do with youngsters. Obviously, when kids start to move without anyone else’s input. He would frequently walk or slither to get about it. A few occasions you have to give him a chance to touch me like hand contact with the dirt. This learning will permit them to know the characteristic possess an aroma similar to the earth, the animals that live in the ground, trees, and so forth. They will have the capacity to experience nature very close. Naturally, it could bring about soil polluted dress, however for another experience of the infant. Considered extraordinary right.

Apron and lining saliva should be a good buy.

There are likewise finding out about the depiction. Which hues can be spotted shirt also? This creator might want to ask you a smidgen more consideration up here. Since these hues may bring about damage if ingested or youngsters sprinkling into eyes. Before the occasion, you ought to acclimate yourself with the shading that is utilized to do and how hazardous. Ought not to do with a particular shading, combined with his consistent care exercises which … Dickey’s right now bringing PVC plastic utilized. It is extremely advantageous for the mother since it was less demanding to clean than customary material napkins. On the other hand cover for youngster insurance, nourishment or water recoloring garments with. The cook’s garment’s adaptation was delivered by being intended to suit a plate before the flotsam and jetsam that tumbles from the eating routine of youngsters. The PVC plastic used to create nourishment rack segments in stock kids. Elements of Dickey’s sort of a sustenance plate with delicate, simple to perfect, simple to store your nourishment scraps that fall more with the food plate.

Apron and lining saliva should be a good buy.

The coating salivation You ought to pick textures made of cotton. It must be wiped on the surface of the sauce they list down. Utilizing cotton surface gives a touch of aggravation. The cotton texture is anything but difficult to spotless and dry. Lining salivation can likewise be employed to wipe a drop of rain he drinks water, and after that, the water streams out of the mouth also. How lining spot is simple. Only tie it up without firmly to his neck by a fabric liner spit meeting up at the midsection. The cleaning You can utilize liquid cleanser for cleaning it or creep fiber. Obviously, when kids start to move without anyone else.


Apron and lining saliva should be a good buy.