Training children to learn to purge itself.

 Training children to learn to purge itself.


  Training children to learn to purge itself.

Coaching children and strengthen the character models. Since small children Will benefit in the long term, such as the preparation of food for small children at a young age. This will reinforce the basic hygiene Good Habits in the lives of children, so the training and practice. You know the food at the right time. Therefore it is essential that parents should pay attention to it.

Natural digestive
The system senses Control, the digestive system of young children. Relying on the availability of the sphincter. And part of the brain that controls sensory system is activated. To monitor the excretion complete It noted that After finishing 5-10 minutes, or suckling on the colon, the rectum is full. To stimulate the digestive tract. Bowel movements Release stool out
Training the baby’s body. It must be done in a reasonable timeframe. Waiting for children to control the body. Parents can communicate with that. Excrete and need help themselves, such as removing and pants. It will contribute to training more efficiently achieved. The age range is most appropriate to the age of one and a half years it 2-3.

Technical Readiness
Choose the size of the chamber fit. When the child can sit and put your feet comfortably on the floor strength.
Prepare children into chamber Catch the ball seat room after breastfeeds breakfast 5-10 minutes from the age of 7-9 months, during which the child starts to sit up.
Watch the ball If you stand still Trembling slightly That shows that he acted bumps or pain should tell you that the pain crap has then taken to a toilet seat or commode.
Practice regularly to make children familiar. Learn to sit on the potty and potty stool.
If you’re not ready, do not rush or force. It will occur in children. And the disease becomes chronic constipation. Should wait for the ball at first, then gradually began training new optimal duration is 18-24 months, because in this period the child begins to feel the need to defecate on themselves.
When you do this and be successful. It will build pride and confidence in themselves as well. Compliments when children pass the time. Helps children behave better excretion.

More importantly, do not forget to pay attention and care. In Diet Training children to eat fruits and vegetables. Since food supplements, The food is the most important impact on the body of the baby.

The practice of preparing the body and the baby. The expression of your father and your mother, it is important. Affect the behavior of the body. It is not to be done

Symptoms offensive urine and feces Or expressing concern for the children. Do not hit or scolded. When smudged
Compare this with other kids Because each child has different bowel habits.


Baby Bjorn toilet trainer



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