Seven techniques should – should not eat hard to win the ball.

Seven techniques should – should not eat hard to win the ball.


Seven techniques should - should not eat hard to win the ball.


1. Body weight, height.

You must have a commitment to the health of children. The doctor To assess the nutritional status of children Ensure that healthy ?? I ?? Well, because sometimes there is any underlying disease causes children not to eat it is not.

Also, it should be noted growth chart. By weighing And height compared to the general age of the child. And type The amount of symptoms that children eat, including bread and milk at each meal. And each day

2. Make sure the baby is hungry when to eat.

Your father or mother to their children to eat at. The time to remove each meal. If the child refuses to eat within 30 minutes ?? unruly one-hour wait in the store the next day. I was hungry enough to eat it. Without persecution But you have to brace oneself to the thread.
However, children should not eat sweets. Or snacks between meals if you want to eat it, eat it. But even if they have to wait after eating before the top priority should be to make children exercise sufficiently. If children are deficient in vitamin D may provide food or a multivitamin formulated for anorexia. To stimulate appetite.

3. Food to eat
Many mothers often do not have that answer. The food looks like it’s true that you may know that children like to eat. But that taste like. Like hard or water Or what kind How easy it is for children to eat. If you do not know what you like or dislike.

However, the practice of eating. Prepare early, but I like to eat food that is palatable to decorate. I want to motivate yourself. The goal is The discipline in eating The children practiced regularly Then add other foods. The key to change the format. And a variety of dishes To give children an appetite for more.
4. Feel the victory by half.
You should eat a proper seating arrangement. No one objects to distract the child, such as a TV or toys should also be joined along the front. But talking about it While children enjoy the atmosphere and food. And the peace of mind That will make it interesting And want to eat them.

5. Encourage children to eat by themselves.

Parents should train their children to eat their food. With the dishes, cutlery, chairs specifically for children. To enjoy themselves. But there’s no need adult help. What then can be done to reduce and avoid making them again? But the admiration of the capacity increase. To be encouraged to do it by yourself anyway.

The children in this age Regulation should not be a condition too. Do not focus on cleanliness. And neatness It will make your child sick and tired of it, however, to start helping themselves, their children. Should your child be involved in the preparation of food from the age of 4 years old?

6. lap gradual.

Parents should lap times a little. The children are encouraged to eat out. The children should steer themselves. He will then fill The children are not used to eating leftovers. Or to be forced to eat until the plate.

7. Patience, consistency and serious peace.

The baby is fine to eat easier. Parents must have the discipline to eat right from the start. And follow it regularly with a neutral (Neutral Attitude), including positive control. And promote self-help vulnerable children seriously or not reinstated due to the poor ball that should not be shown to children knew. Parents worried Or fret about eating his food, so to prevent the use of non-negotiate. Became such emotional behavior following chronic.

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