How to use toilet trainer

How to use toilet trainer

How to use toilet trainer

Before the start of training, Parents should be prepared vocabulary. In the rest of the body. To use the toilet Including feces and urine in the child will be meaningful to us. And not a word that sounds rough. Or ugly The children must use these words with friends or teachers, etc. Otherwise, these words may make the child feel ashamed.

In the case of “accidents” do not mess up the body to make it “engaged” in the bathroom. Was common And natural Anyone can do it Some children may be excited I play feces, Or just their urine excreted. With his curiosity. We can say Children Without making children feel guilty By only tell him that. This is not a toy.

Sometimes a child may understand. Feces out that part of his body. And fear When there was a flush. And lumpy stools then disappeared down the pipe. Parents should give children the opportunity to try to clean it. The paper describes a simple and understandable to children. Children are afraid to quit And the peace of mind.

How to use toilet trainer

Choosing chamber Or containers used to sit on the toilet for the children is the key. It will make cooperation easier. The children had the opportunity to see my parents. (Depending on whether they are boys or girls) In the “engaged” in some bathrooms. It makes the kids understand In these activities can be improved. If more children Or it will be a good example to the children, it’s even easier.

Teaching self-cleaning. After the “engaged” is also important. Mainly in girls Should be cleaned From the first (urine) to the back (anus) and children should wash their hands thoroughly. Upon completion of this mission.

Parents should teach children to recognize the warning signs in a child’s body. To make a bowel movement And help children tell us When there is a feeling that the to go to the bathroom to “engaged” but in the beginning. Children often do not tell us And often made a mess already. Parents should not scold the child. But be patient And said that next time to say. Before slop, You can help children By observing the demeanor of a child. There will be the pain, urinary If you see or do not defecate or so. Should persuade children Go potty sitting on the toilet. Has already prepared And allow the child if a primary comfortably, not screwing up your kids doing it.

How to use toilet trainer

In general, children are better able to control defecation. Before you begin to excrete urine control. Over the next several months later And mainly in boys Often sit urine Before you start to realize that it was urine. Exclusive men only And I understand that Each child has their own. That is unique to the individual. Even in twins

Parents should know that the development of each child is different. Most children can control Defecation, And it will not mess up urine In the daytime, in the age of 3-4 years, and it may take several months or a year. Not wetting at night over a period of about five years or more tissues. It may be different for each person. And depending on the food as well. If you eat a well-balanced diet with fiber and will make it easier to excrete. Some may take all day While some people may be a few days time. Do not use the garden Or intravaginal use laxatives, or excessive self. Without consulting doctors

In summary, parents should understand and practice will gradually calm the child in the body. By making the right age And the availability of child Do not force children to stress or fear, which may have an impact on later mental happiness and success. In practice, children in this regard. Happily everyone.

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