Keeping healthy in winter 2017

Keeping healthy in winter 2017


To avoid this winter to have a blow to the nose red. Prostrated fever or staying at home. We came prepared to fit better health from head to toe as well. Will enjoy an incredibly cold winter away.

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1. Do not let your skin dry Dry cold weather often causes skin dryness. Or flaky This lotion is important. The cream contains a moisturizer high. Or a little oil This cream helps retention. And add moisture to the skin in the winter is excellent. But for the little ones Use baby oil lotion after a shower is best. It does not irritate skin, no fragrance, but do not apply to it. Otherwise, children may become less oil bath to first. Or parents will use them or not.

2. Pay attention to food, Of course; it’s a cold winter like this need with a warm heat, so should eat a hot meal. To maintain body temperature For those who like to eat their ice cream cold of ice or cold water is what it is, try not to deteriorate. If you have a cold or upset stomach. Because bladder and muscles are shrinking quickly enough.

Three clean sheets This is important to me This winter, we would like huddled on mattresses Ewe happy too. But this winter anyway, the beddings are always smelled so keep out dust mites, bed linen washing line combinations. Or the sun always In the winter, our skin is already dry. We may be allergic to dust mites from mattresses and cause itching, dermatitis, ulcers or problems here.

4. Beware of winter colds, flu, pneumonia, whether rubella, chicken pox, diarrhea, rashes, migraine pain, including abdominal cramps. If found to have suspicious symptoms such as fever, a constant temperature is not reduced. Diarrhea continues Or skin changes A doctor immediately It may look a little sense, but prevention is better than the cure for this devastating disease every day here.

5. Do not use the drug Moore if the patient is caught off guard. I will not stop sneezing, runny nose, allergies, colds, fever, rash, dry skin, cracked or severe pain or hemorrhage. Do not use the drug for their own quite well. Should see a doctor get medication because the drugs are not available to everyone, even like symptoms as well.

6. Provision whether sweaters, scarves, socks, long sleeve shirts or gloves. They must always be prepared. Especially at night If the weather is very cold, you should put a sock over it. It will get cold feet at most. And to keep the body temperature down quickly, causing discomfort.

7. Hot Pockets Drivers do not But there should be some good. The current hot water bag portable small If I feel cold, so it took a series of sustenance is not. Pour hot water bag hot water and then carry it to me. Hold a hot hand Tucked in or out; it helps to maintain body temperature was good.

8. Do not be a lack of exercise Winter was not opportunistic lazy to use it. Even in winter, it’s important to exercise to keep the body warm. And is always If we continue a comfortable blanket tucked it would end up like fat, muscle weakness will end. It will also make you feel tired easily. So exercise Showroom

9. Cleanliness of body This, remember to ask them that. How cool will it be a tie? The body we found a lot of dirt outside. May accumulate germs that lead to illness. But if the cold and can not recommend the hot water disinfectant used to clean the body. Then use a damp towel to wipe clean the body instead. But do not do it often because it is the best way to clean my shower.

This is not hard right. Do it all or just some of the choices made. Ask all families warm and healthy throughout the winter to me.

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