Buying pots and pans

Buying pots and pans.

Buying pots and pans


Buying pots and pans.

Pots and pans are expensive. Not that there is a magical quality to it. To buy a pot or pan used should focus on ease-of-use, and inexpensive.

For ease of use, and should consider the following.
1. metals and metal thickness is an indicator that the slow or fast heat durability. Easy cleaning Easy to hold such a major

Copper is the best hot metal faster, but also more expensive than the copper reacts with the acid. This will cause harm to consumers. If copper is used, it should be coated.

Aluminum conduct heat was better than copper thin again. Dents easily deform If the pan is too corrosive for frying. Recommended types of aluminum alloy. Magnesium is an excellent conductor of heat.

Austenitic stainless steel, nickel-chromium alloy container is easily cleaned. But a bad conductor of heat is slowly heated pan stainless pan bottom made of copper or aluminum will work better. But then the great pan stainless bottom pan is aluminum, which radiates heat.

Steel pot, heat the pan slowly as possible, even as iron, steel, aluminum, it does not let up.

Buying pots and pans.

Cast iron conducts heat slowly But the thick of it helps with the heat well. But the inconvenience of daily use because of heavy.

Metal toxins Such as Teflon-coated pots made in a metal pan and so on. Make cleaning easier Because cooking or frying is not the bottom of the pan. The coating material used to wash-off time, use a knife to scrape the teacher, such as fried or coated with Silverstone is better but more expensive than Teflon. It is easy to observe Coated with Silverstone, the Old Grey. Quality is not over yet durable Teflon. The bear, however, the lifetime is longer than the other container. Coatings have gradually eliminated

Metallic, ceramic coating (Enamel) makes it clear. But it breaks easily when scratched with the coated bruised.

2. Handle mobile wood is best. Tighten the nut on the shaft. The handle is a plastic pot and heat. For most movable handle or shaft is made of plastic with heat. Industrial products because the plastic would be more convenient. Screw and nut fasteners as well. And can be replaced when damaged fracture.

Buying pots and pans.

Handle steel screw nut next to a pot or pan is the first to look healthy secure. But to use a hot iron to straighten up the expansion makes the bolt or screw that extends emerges from the inner surface of the pot or pan. Make cleaning inconvenient The assembly noted that this purchase is necessary as well.

For shaft is rarely used. With automatic dishwasher Do not use plastic or metal handle mobile. It is usually more convenient and safe. Some pots and pans are washed with automated machines do not.

The fry pan with lid assembly is typically set to the set standards. But without a cap, we should have closed the door to buy it used. The safety of boiling oil spill Or to lock the lid to allow heat to cook thoroughly in the process of cooking. And another will result in the prevention of cleanliness in the kitchen.

3. Recommendations
1. Before you buy should put forward a view that conveniently handed or not. If you buy the whole set, it must be considered whether it is with many things.
2. Quality Durability
3. Washable Easy
4. Fast heat
5. If the metal seems good stainless steel bottom with aluminum to good use.
6. coated products, new eye-catching look. The reason is expensive
7. Made of aluminum alloy. Magnesium and use it well
8. If I buy any hard to try to buy only one or two pieces and bring to trial first. If it is desirable to put forward hard, then bought more.

Buying pots and pans.